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Gauche, the Cellist by Kenji Miyazawa

Public Performance of Gauche, the Cellist by Kenji Miyazawa
(Translated and Adapted for Double Bass by Ron Hadley)

Gauche, the Cellist, a short story written in the 1920s by the well-known Japanese poet and author Kenji Miyazawa (1896-1933) will be presented as a multi-disciplinary (narration, mime, dance and music) performance

GaucheMonday, October 5, 7:00 PM
The Old School House Arts Centre
122 Fern Road West, Qualicum Beach, BC

part of that organization’s 5th annual Harvest of Music (October 2nd – 7th) festival (

Although this story is most often categorized as children’s literature, it has exhibited lasting, worldwide charm and appeal to people of all ages.  Gauche, the Cellist is about a frustrated cellist in a semi-professional small town orchestra that is rehearsing for its upcoming performance of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony (the Pastoral Symphony). Each night when Gauche returns home to his shabby, little shack next to an old watermill to practice and practice into the wee hours after another day of being scolded for his incompetence by the conductor, the cellist is visited by various local animals. These strange and enchanting dreamlike visitations gradually transform Gauche’s frustration into a more constructive and beneficial awareness of how music and compassion can bring contentment and good health to all beings in the world.

The performance troupe is called The Pastoral Players, and its members are Yayoi Hirano (an internationally celebrated mime and dance artist and mask-maker from Japan who now resides in Vancouver; Yayoi has created four delightful animal masks for this presentation.), Victoria dance and movement artist Lori Hamar, Vancouver double bassist Wilmer Fawcett (acclaimed for his work as the Principal Bassist in the Edmonton Symphony, the Vancouver Opera Orchestra, and Viveza), Qualicum Beach jazz pianist and freelance Japanese translator Ron Hadley (narration and music) and Victoria percussionist Kelby MacNayr. A kabuki and/or bunraku theatre dimension will also be provided by Satoko Ōmuta, a young mime artist from Japan who will work as a kuroko (the clad-in-black, “invisible” stage hand so characteristic of those well-known forms of Japanese theatre). In addition, the October 5 performance will be preceded by a brief talk/demonstration about Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony by University of Victoria School of Music Professor Harald Krebs.

During the Old School House Art Centre’s Harvest of Music, Gauche the Cellist will be presented in almost every school in District 69. However, children, adults and families who are unable to get to one of the school performances will want to be sure to attend the public performance on Monday, October 5 at 7:00 PM.  Tickets are only $10.00 and are available now at the Art Centre.

Performers / YAYOI (mime), Lori Hammer(dance), Satoko Omuta (kuroko)
Musicians / Wilmer Fawcett (double base), Ron Hadley ( piano) Kelby MacNayr(percussion)
Narrator / Ron Hadley
Costume / Naoko Shimada
Mask Design / Yayoi Hirano
Mask Paint / Tomoko Hanawa
Tickets / $10.00

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