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Katari Taiko 30th Anniversay Concert

Rekishi (Histories)
30 Years of Katari Taiko
Sunday, November 1, 2009, 2pm
The Cultch, 1895 Venables Street

$20 (general) / $15 (students & seniors) / $10 (12yrs & under) + service charges
For tickets call The Cultch box office at 604.251.1363 •
For info call 604.683.8240

shi-shi-maiKatari Taiko celebrates its 30th Anniversary with an afternoon concert in the newly renovated Historic Theatre at The Cultch, featuring the 10-member ensemble with guest alumni John Endo Greenaway, Linda Uyehara Hoffman, Shinobu Homma, Eileen Kage and Kathy Shimizu. Also featured will be the premiere of Tengu and Oni, a new original music and theatre piece, blending North African rhythms with Japanese folklore.

Katari Taiko has the distinction of being the first taiko drum group formed in Canada. The group has developed a large and enthusiastic following since its inception in 1979, performing throughout Canada and the U.S., appearing in numerous festival and theatre settings.
Katari Taiko has built an extensive repertoire of both traditional and modern pieces, including original compositions. Their performances incorporate vocals, poetry and theatre. The synergy of the group, their joy and passion, together with the visceral experience of the drumming appeals to audiences of all ages and transcends cultural barriers.

Taiko music is rooted in the history of rural farming and fishing communities throughout Japan. Katari Taiko combines the traditional rhythms and discipline of the drums with the power of choreographed and improvisational movement. Over the past three decades, Katari Taiko has undergone many changes, but has always remained committed to bringing Japanese and Japanese-Canadian culture to the broader community; supporting grassroots initiatives and progressive causes; and balancing tradition with innovation.

Georgia Straight

Hard to believe it’s been thirty years since we started Katari Taiko. I’ll be pulling on the old tabi and joining in for a piece or two. I think Shinobu Homma and I are going to play 3+3. How’s that for a blast from the past . . .

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