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Like Light Off Water


Celebrated Canadian poet Daphne Marlatt reads passages from her classic cycle of poems Steveston with an evocative soundscape composed and performed by Robert Minden & Carla Hallett.

Wednesday, May 6th, 8pm
Richmond Cultural Centre,
7700 Minorou Gate
$10, $5 Seniors
For more information, call 604-247-8300

marlattMarlatt”s words bring you to the river’s mouth and into a sensuous landscape of lives lived in canneries, fishing camps, on the sea and over time. Listen to the sounds of vintage waterphones, bowed carpenter’s saws, found object percussion and voice – a delicate resonance which surrounds Marlatt’s poetic voicing, rhythm and imagery.

The music evokes “the rippling and twinkling of water and light, together with haunting depictions of mysterious and erotic undercurrents mixed with the gentle beauty of the night sky.”
Dianne Wells, The WholeNote Magazine, March 2009

“Like Light Off Water is a new kind of soundscape, the musical score of 3 psyches collaborating on what is certainly one of the great poems of the recent past.”
Craig Tapping, Department of English,Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, Canada

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