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Maiko Bae Yamamoto’s “Train” at Shadbolt

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts presents: Theatre Replacement’s TRAIN by Maiko Bae Yamamoto at the STUDIO THEATRE 6450 Deer Lake Avenue October 8-11, 8pm

Box office: 604 205 3000 or

In a crowded Tokyo train station, a sharply dressed man waits for the love of his life to arrive. At the [...]

Clark and I Somewhere in Connecticut


The good folks at Theatre Replacement (they brought us the wonderful Sexual Practices of the Japanese a few years back) have a new show that will be playing in Vancouver and Toronto.

In the summer of 2005, James Long found a collection of 7 photo albums and travel journals in an alley near his East Vancouver home. The collection, complete with detailed captions and letters, documents a family’s history between 1950 and 1987, and includes everything from birth notices to a full eulogy to the archivist’s Pomeranian, Mandy. A team of collaborators went in search of the origins of these books in the fall of 2007 and ran into, among many things, questions surrounding the legality and morality of working with found materials. What started as a simple trip to the country carried the creators on narrative jags across propriety, oceans, and beyond.
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