plant2 Documenting the west coast Nikkei experience [and beyond] from the viewpoint of a hapa Nikkei graphic designer, editor, photographer, taiko player & teacher.


What is Taiko?

Taiko is a Japanese word that means “big drum.” You may have heard or seen Kodo – they are the most internationally-known group. You may have seen taiko in various commercials on TV. I was founding member of Katari Taiko, Canada’s first taiko group, way back in 1979. I was founding member and artistic director of Uzume Taiko, Canada’s first professional taiko group for twelve or so years. We made a number of CDs and toured North America and Europe. Currently I’m assistant instructor with Chibi Taiko, Canada’s first youth taiko group. My two daughters, Emiko and Kaya, are members of Chibi Taiko. The head instructor is Shinobu Homma – we used to play together in Katari Taiko many years ago.